Thursday, January 31, 2013

Become a Better Photographer in 2013

A couple of weeks ago I watched the Youtube Video by Scott Kelby-Become a Better Photographer in 2013 

 His five main points were:
  1. Define what type of photographer you want to be.
  2. Study great photographers
  3. Take courses, read books, 365 will not make you a better photographer.
  4. Portfolio of best work-24 images of each genre. Could do on Google plus, Square Space for displaying or 500px. Each time you add one you must take one off.
  5. Learn to take sharp photos and sharpen in photo shop
Do what it takes to get the shots you need.

A few days later I watched another video by Scott, Crush the Composition. One point that stuck with me was; study photographs you like and write down what you like to find patterns and what to d o with your own photographs. This will fit in well with point #2 above.  

So, starting with point 1 tonight. What type of photographer do I want to be.

Hmm, well my first love is macro with a particular emphasis on nature. When it comes to flowers I want to focus more on showing the beauty of them past their prime. Running a close second is nature-birds, waterfalls all the typical things.

I want to try being a baby/child photographer. This will be my biggest learning curve beginning this year.

I have to admit I enjoyed taking the enjoyed taking engagement photos of my son and future daughter in law. It was a family affair. I might add that someday down the road but I have no interest in weddings and most people might want the same person. So maybe senior portraits might be a fun addition some day. 

I also want to be a photographer for teachers/students. I want to continue putting my photos out there with a CC license that allows others to use my work free of charge. 

Volunteering my photography skills is also an important part of who I am as a photographer. Currently I do photography for my school, Habitat for Humanity, The Ride for Missing Children and Help Portrait.

So, when I start setting up a portfolio I will include; macro, nature, kids, and maybe some shots from volunteer work. 

Now, onto step 2. I need some help on this one. Who are your favorite photographers?? Please share. I think I'll begin by going to 500px and browsing there.

Oh, by the way. I found his comment about 365 projects not making you a better photographer very liberating. I loved it the two years I was really into it and I would argue that it did make me a better photographer because I was shooting everyday and I cared about what I posted. But now my interest isn't there and I'm going to quit trying to force it. :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oil and Water

Last Christmas, 2011, my son gave me a Blue Ray player. I've used it for watching Netflix but little else. About a month ago I discovered I could be watching photography related videos on Youtube! I love it and I've watched quite a few. Last night while I was doing a sewing project I watched a video on oil and water. I loved the effect and as soon as I was done sewing a bowl of oil and water was set up and ready to go. I decided who needs sunshine when you have a flash? It took some experimenting but I finally got a couple of shots I liked. I'll try and remember to do it again on a sunny day.
Here's a link to the video.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jan 5 Finished Organizing

Jan 5 Finished Organizing, originally uploaded by NedraI.

So, off we went shopping today and came home with new boxes. I spent the afternoon moving organizing and tossing things I don't use or like anymore. I also have a box for my son and future DIL to look through.

Jan 5 Ready to Organize

Jan 5 Ready to Organize, originally uploaded by NedraI.

I came home to new basement shelves this week. Then my husband realized the shelves didn't hold the existing boxes. I wanted to get all the holiday items out from under steps and onto these shelves so it's easier to get things out and put away.

Jan 4 Hedgehog

Jan 4 Hedgehog, originally uploaded by NedraI.

The first grade teachers are introducing Jan Brett books to their students this month. One of the teachers was able to borrow a hedgehog so the children could see what one actually looks like. I stopped by after school today to take a couple of pictures. I'm disappointed with my shots. If she brings it back next week I'll try again.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jan 3 Hole

Jan 3 Hole, originally uploaded by NedraI.
Tonight I played with my new flash in a soft box along with my macro lens. I didn't do any post processing on the pictures other than cropping 2 of them. Yes, these daffodils are from last spring and still sitting in a vase. I knew that someday I would have fun photographing them. I love finding beauty in plants that are past their prime.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jan 2 Beautiful Drive to Work

Jan 2 Beautiful Drive to Work, originally uploaded by NedraI.
It was a beautiful drive to work today. I took the long route because there's less traffic, wider roads and more places to stop and take photos. This is one of my favorite stops. Unfortunately, it's one of those times that the camera did not do the beauty justice.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jan 1 Quilt Blocks

Jan 1 Quilt Blocks, originally uploaded by NedraI.
On Sunday I did a record amount of sewing! I made a map holder for the Model T, an ID/Money holder for my daughter and I finally sewed the edges on this quilt block.
After my Aunt Bettie died I took a few fabric samples from her house and in those samples wes this quilt block. I've been using it as a doily on a table but the edges weren't finished. I considered making it a wall hanging but decided I like it on the table. Since everything else is hand sewn on it I hand stitched the hem on it. My stitches aren't a consistent size or always straight but it was done with love and I'm proud
to have a piece of family work on my table. I'm pretty sure it was my Nana that put this together.