Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Garden Art

My husband and I spent our summer vacation covering about 60 miles a day traveling from Davenport IA to Zurich IL by way of Madison and Milwaukee WI. We had a blast. Our goal was to take our time and check out breweries and antique stores. 

Here are a few of my antique finds
Actually, I already had these handles.

I wanted to turn these into some art for my backyard perennial garden. So, I explained what I wanted to my husband. He suggested we find a pitchfork for the big wheel.
 So, we found this at an antique store in Syracuse. It's small and once we got home and picked up the wheel and remembered how heavy it was we were a little worried it wouldn't work.
 This is the end, it was taped together.
Sheldon inscribed on the side.

The small fork was able to handle the heavy weight of the wheel and the colors match my mostly green and brown garden perfectly.

 This one is much smaller and lighter. My husband decided to go with this handle instead of the doorknob. 

 Here's a couple of views showing how he put it together for me. 
I'm loving my garden even more between these two items and one of my new birdbaths. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jewelry Holders from Garden Products

I found both of these inexpensive items at a local antique mall. Both were covered with chipped paint and my original idea was to repaint them.  However, once my husband took the old paint off I liked the way they looked so I left them bare.
This is a little metal trellis for a potted plant. I took one look at it and saw a way to organize my earrings. Once I showed my husband where I wanted to hang it and what I wanted to do with it he made the base for it and hung it up for me. It's perfect!

This is a holder for a potted plant. It now holds my necklaces. It's so easy to see what I have and they never get tangled. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

New Bird Bath

I love wandering through antique stores and garage sales looking for items I might be able to repurpose. Just small things.

Here's our most recent project-a birdbath made from an old light fixture. I saw this idea in a gardening book at school and then I looked it up on Pinterest and found more examples. I showed the idea to my husband and he agreed it was a cool idea and he said he would help me.

It took awhile to find a light fixture I was willing to buy. $35-$55 dollars seemed a bit pricy. Even the $15 I paid for this was more than I was expecting to pay but after seeing the other prices my husband said go for it, so I did. 

Once we got it home I cleaned it up and then he did rest of the work. 

I've included some close up photos so you can see how it is put together.

 Now, I just need to wait for the birds to discover it and get some pictures of it being used.

We're pleased with the way it turned out.

Here are a couple more we tried.
This one did not work. As soon as we added water it tipped and spilled it all out. Oops!

This one works fine.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Vintage Cameras

My husband and I enjoy wondering through antique stores. One of the items that interest me are vintage cameras. I finally put them on display in my new studio/sewing room that I acquired once my son moved out and into his new home.

My Studio

In the next post I talk about my setting up in my tiny home studio. Here it is. I think the next time I'll remove that table you can see in the 2nd photo so I have more room to move the soft box around.

Baby Steps

With the possibility of retirement just a few years away I'm trying to decide if being a child portrait photographer is something I'd like to do as a side job to bring in a little supplemental income. I never thought I'd be one counting the years to retirement but with all the changes in education and the main focus on nothing but testing that's what I'm doing. So, when my friend's daughter gave birth to her 2nd child I told her my gift was to take pictures of her throughout the year. I've taken pictures of her twice so far. First at 4 days old with lights and a backdrop and then again at 11 days in the same room but with natural light.
4 Days Old
To prepare for this I looked at pictures of newborns to get some ideas, read articles, and watched the video I had bought from CreativeLive by Sandy Puc a couple of times. I have to admit she made it look easy. In my tiny studio it was not so easy! I enjoyed the experience but it really made me realize I have sooooo much to learn. My first thought was to forget about it. Then I realized what a poor attitude that was and knew I needed to do some more reading, experimenting and learning from my struggles. If you have any tips for lighting, working in small spaces, photographing young children please feel free to pass them along.

11 Days Old

Habitat for Humanity

As I mentioned in my previous post one of my volunteer photography roles is taking pictures a couple of times at year at ground breakings or home dedications for our local Habitat for Humanity. I had the honor of doing so last week. The home was packed with people and I didn't quite get the shots of the actual ceremony that I would have liked. But, I did get some nice shots of the beautiful children that were there.