Monday, November 23, 2009

November 22 Cheering Squad

November 22 Cheering Squad, originally uploaded by NedraI.

Today we traveled to Fairport, NY for my daughter's hockey game against the Rochester Edge. Last week they came to our rink and totally dominated the game, outshooting us 60-10 and winning 4-1. Our goalie was outstanding. I went expecting a repeat but our team did so much better the first two periods. We were actually winning for the first half of the game. But they wore us down in the 3rd period and they ended up with a solid win against us. But the best part of today's game was our team had a cheering squad! My son attends Brockport so he and his friends made the trip down for the game. My son has played an integral role in increasing student attendance and getting them involved in the games at the college. He recently got 60 kids to make a road trip to an away game. Because of that the student union is going to provide buses next year. So, when they arrived today they had noise makers, a sign and one friend decked out in pink-the team colors are black and pink. They made noise and cheered throughout much of the game. I took some video as well. I was sorry I wasn't prepared with the video when my daughter received a penalty and they started chanting We love you Kira. Kira ducked her head down but I knew she was secretly loving it, and she did. After the game the coach came right over and shook their hands and thanked them for coming. The good news is Kira has a tournament in Ithaca in two weeks and the boys were already planning on going to Cortland for a game so they're coming down early to root for another girls' game.

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