Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 2 First Broken Bone

May 2 First Broken Bone, originally uploaded by NedraI.

Yesterday I did the 36 mile training ride for The Ride for Missing Children.Today I decided to do the 40 mile ride since I haven't been getting out as much as I like. I knew if I did this I'd be feeling pretty pumped and ready for The Ride. Today I was really struggling with the hills, my legs were more tired than I realized from yesterday's ride. For the first time this year a Shepard was often close by giving encouragement and suggestions to make things easier. On our return trip on the last big hill a Shepard was right next to me. I was keeping my head down and my eyes on the tire in front of me and I put my hands on the top of the handle bars. I was focused on making it up that hill without falling to the back of the pack. Then I heard "Rider down!" I looked up and saw a rider down and others joining her. With my hands out of position,which I had never done before, I didn't react quickly enough and I flipped over the top of my bike and landed on a pile of bikes and riders. It was a very scary moment. Fortunately, I was the only one injured. One gentleman couldn't finish the ride because his bike was damaged. When we got back to our starting point a doctor that's doing the ride came over and checked my injuries. He called the ER room and ordered the x-ray so I got right in. I broke the bone on the side of hand. On Monday I went to an orthopedic doctor. He had to reset the bones. Other than my hand I just have some pretty bruises all over my body. I feel fortunate that I came out in this good of shape.


  1. Sorry to hear about your fall. I hope your recovery is quick. Will you still be able to do the Ride? Take care.

  2. Thanks, I'm not sure about the ride yet. I'll probably decide after seeing the doctor on Monday.