Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lady Antebellum at the NY State Fair

Right after school my husband and I headed to the state fair. We both considered taking our cameras but decided since it was about 90 degrees and record crowds were expected that we would just leave them home. It was the right decision. We've been going to the fair for over 20 years. I actually went twice this year. I went last Friday with my daughter. She wanted to stop on her way to college to get some of her favorite fair foods. Many times we've gone to concerts-free and paid. Tonight my husband wanted to see Lady Antebellum, she was the free concert. We wandered through the buildings and exhibits but it was harder to enjoy them due to the heat. We had our maple snow cone and ice cream and wine slushy. Our favorite bar b q place was too busy so we missed that this year. By 5 o'clock all the seats for the concert were filled. We wandered over about 8 and as you can see the crowd was huge! We listened to a few songs and then decided to head out to beat the crowds since there was another paid concert as well-Justin Bieber. I had never heard of him but obviously a big hit with the young girls by the looks of all the t-shirts on the girls 5 and up. I was thankful that we are past that stage with our kids. :-) Now, with our fair trip done it feels like summer is over-except for the weather.
Second night in a row for a camera phone picture-ick!

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