Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 25 Daily Shoot Strong Horizontal Lines

Make a photograph featuring strong horizontal lines today.

I'll admit when I was on the plane I thought the Daily Shoot had said strong vertical lines. Oops!! I spent many hours in airports today trying to get back to NY. I really should have pulled my camera from the bag, rechecked the assignment and spent time taking some photos. Instead I plugged in and worked on editing pictures from my trip to AZ.

Leaving AZ at 6:15 AM meant I was able to view a lovely sunrise from the air. For most of the trip we were flying above the clouds.

Southwest did well for me today. When I arrived in Chicago all flights to Albany were cancelled due to a storm in NY and there were no seats available on any further flights until Monday because all the winter break vacationers were returning to NY this weekend. So, I was put on standby to Baltimore and then again on standby from Baltimore to Albany. I was very fortunate and made both flights! Fortunately a friend picked me up and let me spend the night at her house. The next day I had to return to the airport for my luggage. I was pleased that it came in on the first flight from Chicago. So then I was finally able to return home. It was a long trip but it could have been much much worse! Thanks Southwest!

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