Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jan 1 Quilt Blocks

Jan 1 Quilt Blocks, originally uploaded by NedraI.
On Sunday I did a record amount of sewing! I made a map holder for the Model T, an ID/Money holder for my daughter and I finally sewed the edges on this quilt block.
After my Aunt Bettie died I took a few fabric samples from her house and in those samples wes this quilt block. I've been using it as a doily on a table but the edges weren't finished. I considered making it a wall hanging but decided I like it on the table. Since everything else is hand sewn on it I hand stitched the hem on it. My stitches aren't a consistent size or always straight but it was done with love and I'm proud
to have a piece of family work on my table. I'm pretty sure it was my Nana that put this together.

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