Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baby Steps

With the possibility of retirement just a few years away I'm trying to decide if being a child portrait photographer is something I'd like to do as a side job to bring in a little supplemental income. I never thought I'd be one counting the years to retirement but with all the changes in education and the main focus on nothing but testing that's what I'm doing. So, when my friend's daughter gave birth to her 2nd child I told her my gift was to take pictures of her throughout the year. I've taken pictures of her twice so far. First at 4 days old with lights and a backdrop and then again at 11 days in the same room but with natural light.
4 Days Old
To prepare for this I looked at pictures of newborns to get some ideas, read articles, and watched the video I had bought from CreativeLive by Sandy Puc a couple of times. I have to admit she made it look easy. In my tiny studio it was not so easy! I enjoyed the experience but it really made me realize I have sooooo much to learn. My first thought was to forget about it. Then I realized what a poor attitude that was and knew I needed to do some more reading, experimenting and learning from my struggles. If you have any tips for lighting, working in small spaces, photographing young children please feel free to pass them along.

11 Days Old

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