Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 10 Fitness Mill

The gym I go to is housed in this old mill. There are other businesses in here as well. Many of them fitness related; dance, karate, personal trainers. My son was the first member when he was working on gaining strength for hockey. Next, my daughter joined and finally I decided I might as well join too. My daughter was less than thrilled that I was joining and came up with two rules-first I could never go to her agility class. That class is all high school and college kids so that was no problem. Secondly, I couldn’t wear just a sports bra for a top. Ah, that was a no brainer. So I joined and have been a loyal member for years. While I was training for The Ride I quit going to the gym and boot camp. The last time I went my knee hurt for a week. I knew this was not the time for a sore knee so I stayed away. Last week I returned to boot camp. I was sore for a week! I expected some of it but not my legs! Today I felt good enough to return. When we started sit ups I realized some muscles were still sore and I struggled. Al, the instructor loves to pick on people but has always left me alone until today. From across the room he yells I see someone has been away from the gym a little too long. I looked his way and he was looking right at me with a big smile on his face. Later as we reentered the room from running some laps he claimed he wasn’t talking about me, really he said again with that big grin. I just laughed and knew he was right, I had been away too long. Next year, if my knee hurts during training I’ll keep going and just talk to him and find out what I need to do differently. He’s great about that. Here’s hoping I’m not so sore this week!

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