Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1 Hockey Stuff

March 1 Hockey Stuff, originally uploaded by NedraI.

Daily Shoot: During the Olympics, we saw many images of sports. Make your own photo of a sports activity, gear, or spirit today.

This is what part of our basement looks like during the winter. My daughter brings her hockey bag to the basement and lays everything out to air dry. Drying equipment is something we've insisted on since she first started playing. At one time she had lots of hooks in her room to hang everything but at one point she decided that wasn't the decor she was looking for and moved it all to the basement. Yes, the 17 year old does have a Labatt's Blue hockey bag, thanks to her dad. On the days I get motivated to ride my bike I have to step around all this stuff! Luckily since she keeps it aired out it doesn't smell too bad.


  1. I think you have to take up weight-lifting when you play hockey - just so you can carry the equipment bag.

  2. I agree! I don't remember carrying those bags too often. I think most often I carried them to the car after a disappointing loss. At one time both kids had backpack type bags which we thought were great but they weren't "cool"!

  3. I can't imagine having all that equipment around. Yikes. You said it doesn't smell too bad. I bet it doesn't smell too good either.