Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Garden Art

My husband and I spent our summer vacation covering about 60 miles a day traveling from Davenport IA to Zurich IL by way of Madison and Milwaukee WI. We had a blast. Our goal was to take our time and check out breweries and antique stores. 

Here are a few of my antique finds
Actually, I already had these handles.

I wanted to turn these into some art for my backyard perennial garden. So, I explained what I wanted to my husband. He suggested we find a pitchfork for the big wheel.
 So, we found this at an antique store in Syracuse. It's small and once we got home and picked up the wheel and remembered how heavy it was we were a little worried it wouldn't work.
 This is the end, it was taped together.
Sheldon inscribed on the side.

The small fork was able to handle the heavy weight of the wheel and the colors match my mostly green and brown garden perfectly.

 This one is much smaller and lighter. My husband decided to go with this handle instead of the doorknob. 

 Here's a couple of views showing how he put it together for me. 
I'm loving my garden even more between these two items and one of my new birdbaths. 


  1. You were in my neighborhood! Would have loved to help you find some good spots for antique shopping. :-) You did well! Love the items and how you put them together.

    I used the the John Deere implement as well - but for a table in my living room. I like the pitchfork with it added- I may need to pick up another one. :-)

  2. Ha, I didn't realize I was so close. I love your table idea. It's so fun to find ways to repurpose interesting items.