Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 1 Matt Hamill

August 1 Matt Hamill, originally uploaded by NedraI.

Tonight we took our son to the local zoo for the brewfest. When we got there my husband was excited to see that Matt Hamill had a tent set up. He was selling t-shirts and signing autographs.

My husband had met him before and was eager for my son and I to meet this amazing young man. Recently someone who works with Matt had approached my husband for help in setting up their screen printing equipment which he did. In lieu of payment my husband asked if Matt would come and speak to the students at Utica Safe Schools which my husband works at one night a week. Matt did that and my husband came home so pumped up about hearing Matt's story and watching the way he interacted with these troubled students. Matt has been deaf all his life, her reads lips, speaks and can do sign language in several different languages. He has a degree in electrical engineering and was a top wrestler. After college he was having trouble finding a job and was working as a bouncer when someone asked him why he didn't try ultimate fighting. He gave it a try and has been very successful. He also talked to the kids about the importance of studying and staying in school. Then he stayed and answered all their questions, posed for photographs and and signed autographs for all the kids. I'll admit when my husband first told me he was helping an ultimate fighter and that he was coming to talk to the kids I wasn't too impressed, I don't have a high opinion of athletes, especially this type. But after hearing my husband speak I changed my attitude and it helped me realize I need to be more careful about being so judgmental.

Now, back to the zoo. As we waited for our turn to talk to Matt you could see that he's just a down to earth type of guy, not the cocky attitude I would have expected. When Matt saw my husband his face lit up and he introduced him to some of the people working with him Then my son and I got our chance to meet him. He was very nice and as we left he told me to take good care of my husband. My son said Matt is so nice it's hard to believe he makes a living beating the crap out of people!

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