Monday, August 3, 2009

July 29 Route 66

July 29 Route 66, originally uploaded by NedraI.

Today we headed for home! I am so ready to be home and truly on vacation-no classes and no where to go, for at least a few days. My husband wanted to finish our trip on Route 66 in Illinois. Last year we went from Tucamcari NM to Bloomington IL. He also wanted to be able to say that he drove his corvette on Route 66 and he knew this was probably the last trip he'd make with it this far from home. Today we stopped in Pontiac, IL. Recently artists had come in from all over the country for four days to paint murals on area buildings in the downtown area. They did a great job! There were also painted dogs on many of the corners. We also posed by a statue of Abraham Lincoln in front of their beautiful courthouse. Oh yes, they had a nice Route 66 museum with a great photo display from all the states. This picture is in front of the mural behind the museum, they have a road made of CA route 66 bricks that you drive your car on for the photo op. Pretty cool!

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