Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 22 Piano

August 22 Piano, originally uploaded by NedraI.

I always have so many things I'm going to do in the summer for my own enjoyment. Such as: read lots of books, eat breakfast outside, take a nap on the back porch and so on. Playing the piano frequently was on that list this summer as well. Sadly to say, I did not sit down at the piano all summer until last week! I took lessons for several years as a kid. I'm not good at all but it's something I enjoy doing anyway, as long as no one is around to hear me! We bought this old piano after we bought our house. It's a big old upright. Someday my husband wants to try refinishing it. We'll see, that might be a retirement project. I'm trying to end the summer on a better note as far as playing goes. ;-)


  1. Ah yes - intentions. So easy to make our lists, so hard to follow them. I've managed a few this summer, but many things still to be accomplished.
    Nice photo

  2. Same here re: unfinished 'to do' lists...but I look at it this way - at least I'll never get bored! :)