Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trout Fly

Trout Fly, originally uploaded by ElementaryTechTeacher.

I stopped by a Trout Expo today to say Hi to one of our 5th grade teachers and some of her students. They were there showing what they were doing with the Trout in the Classroom program. They raise trout eggs and let them go into a nearby stream at the end of May. One man was tying flies. I took several pictures of them and this little guy pictured here was certainly the cutest. Once I started looking at the pictures I started kicking myself for not taking more time to talk with the gentleman about this dainty creatures. Some were very simple and some were quite detailed. I did my editing with and played around with adding text and speech bubbles just for fun.

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  1. Very cute! I love viewing the craft of fly-tying - very unique!