Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Floor Hockey Injury

I had just started my first class when the secretary walked in and said she needed to talk to me. That's not usually a good sign. Sure enough my daughter's school nurse had called and said I needed to come pick her up and take her for xrays. She got hit in the ankle with a hockey stick by a fellow LAX player during PE.
You know taking your daughter to urgent care is old news when upon hearing this message you roll your eyes and just sigh. I think the nurse was a little surprised at how long it took me to get there. I had sub plans to write and with a sub new to our district coming in there was no way I was leaving regular plans in the computer lab! My daughter has played hockey since she was four and this has resulted in numerous trips to doctors and hospitals, two surgeries and even a ride in an ambulance. I tease her that the insurance company is going to offer to pay her not play a sport, since that would certainly be cheaper for them! All the injuries has helped me not go into a panic mode when I hear she's hurt. I knew she'd be ok until I could get there. I assured her if they had said it was a head injury I would have gotten there quickly. Luckily this is just a bruise. She's hoping to be ok to play in her first LAX game on Friday night. She was still limping this morning so I guess time will tell.

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