Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 13-Snow Day

Well, it was another hyped up storm-10-18 inches of snow forecasted and we ended up with 4 at the most. I know those lake effect storms are hard to predict... I think all the schools in the area were closed. So, while my husband was out snow blowing I used my 50 year old cookbook, yes I'm dating myself, and made some unhealthy but easy and tasty cinnamon rolls. Our aging and sick dog is getting very picky about what she'll eat and she likes these so she's had several. I posted this picture on Facebook and was surprised at how many other people have this cookbook too. It was a good day to be home, I was able to FaceTime with an insurance adjuster and get our tree claim taken care of very efficiently. 

Here's one more shot of the tree from a different angle.

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