Saturday, January 16, 2016

January 15-Old Shirts

Way back in the days of teaching first grade I had a 100 Book Club. If my students read 100 books (advanced readers could count each chapter as a book) they could draw a t-shirt design about reading. My husband would be the judge and then clean the design up good enough so he could screen print it for me. Parents would pay for the cheapest shirts I could find, I would help my husband with the screen printing, and students would receive their shirts the last week of school. I usually had about 99% participation rate. If students were close I'd fudge it so they got a shirt but there was usually one student that rarely read. I felt bad but that student didn't get the shirt. Anyway, my copy of the shirts have been sitting in a closet. I decided to hang them on the back of the chairs in in my classroom. I'm not sure how this will work but we'll give it a try. Now I'm contemplating letting my students design a shirt, I have some pretty artistic 3rd-5th graders, having my husband select a winner once again and printing shirts just to communicate a positive message about reading with no competition. I guess I better check with my husband first to see if he's interested in helping out again. :)

In hindsight I wish I had had the student with the winning design sign my shirt. These kids have all graduated from high school my now.

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