Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dollar Coins

I noticed on the scavenger hunt one of the items is foreign coins. All I could come up with were some Canadian coins. I decided I'll wait until my daughter returns from her trip to Europe this summer for that shot, I'll sure she'll have some interesting coins for me. While I was digging around I found these dollar coins. When I go to Canada I like using the loonies and toonies. Every time the US tries out a dollar coin I'm hopeful that this will be the one that gets accepted. Unfortunately, I just don't think Americans are ever going to embrace the use of the coins.


  1. As a user of those Canadian coins I can tell you there are times when I look through my change and realize I have over $10. The wallet gets heavy - it makes $1 feel like spare change.

  2. I can see where the coins would get heavy and add up quickly. I remember eating at a restaurant on one of our hockey trips to Canada and the waitress was complaining about how all our bills were green. She showed us the wallet she kept her money in for waitressing. She explained how easy it was to see how much money she had by the different colors of the bills. That was interesting to see I had never thought about it that way.