Friday, February 27, 2009

Whitey's Ice Cream!

My husband and I are both from the Quad CIties and when we return for a visit we make at least one stop at Whitey's, usually it's more like three. When my husband returned in January his niece gave him a coupon that she had won for 6 shakes to be delivered free to anywhere in the US. So, since our son was coming home from college tonight, to attend a concert with his sister, I ordered them to be delivered today. They arrived in a cooler with dry ice. My favorite is the chocolate Butterfinger shake. I ate half and will keep the other half for tomorrow. What a delicious treat! I let the kids order two but warned them they might have to share a little with me.


  1. What a lovely niece to give you such a fab voucher. The flavours sound amazing. Pity I'm not in the US (and don't have a voucher)

  2. Yes it was a great gift and the flavors are wonderful!

  3. My daughter went to Augie & introduced us to Whitey's Ice Cream. It is soooo good!