Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 10 Free i-pod Touch

September 10 Free i-pod Touch, originally uploaded by NedraI.

Tonight I started a digital photography class. I was hoping I would have a picture from class to share. But we didn't take any pictures. We learned about ISO, apertures and shutter speeds. Terms I'm familiar with but still need to work on internalizing.
When I got home I knew right away what my photo would be since my new ipod touch had arrived while I was gone. Last week I found out I won the ipod from School Center. The had a contest on both Twitter and Facebook. They would give away an ipod once they had 100 followers on each site. I signed up on both and was very surprised when I read on Facebook that I was the winner! I thought it was a nice touch that they tucked a personal note in with the ipod. I have it synced and will nowl be adding educational apps and the recording apps. I will be working to figure out how to use one i-pod with 36 classes that come to the lab! The kids are excited. One second grader quizzed me on how my g's it had and if it would be a first or second generation! I think I know who to go to if I need any help!

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