Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 26 Giant Pumpkin Winner

September 26 Giant Pumpkin Winner, originally uploaded by NedraI.

This weekend there is a photo contest in our area. The idea is to take a picture of anything but it just has to be within 100 miles of New Hartford and it has to be taken on Saturday or Sunday. Then we have 2 weeks to get the picture printed, framed and turned in to the local camera shop. The pictures will be on display at the New Hartford Library. My husband and I took off in a quest for pictures today. We headed south for the Cooperstown area. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures that I really like. The morning sun turned to clouds and it was very windy. I'll hope for better luck tomorrow!

However, while we were in Cooperstown there was a pumpkin weigh in contest. This was the winner at 1500 pounds! Someone had brought it up from PA. I wonder what the prize was for this contest.


  1. Good luck with your photo quest. This pumpkin may have won in the weight category, but not in beauty. It would make quite a jack-o-lantern.

  2. That is a monster pumpkin! Hope you find that perfect shot :)