Friday, August 6, 2010

Daily Shoot Insect August 6

Daily Shoot Insect, originally uploaded by NedraI.

Insects are everywhere. Photograph a bug in your environment (no spiders - they're arachnids). (@DeForestRanger)

I expected this to be an easy assignment but the winds today seem to have driven off the bees and butterflies that are usually in the gardens.

This little bug is the most hated pest in our yard. It destroys the grape leaves, the burning bush leaves and so many flowers. We've tried the traps but haven't found them effective. So when they get too bad we take a bucket of soapy water and just pick them off the plants and toss them in the bucket. Anyone have a better plan?


  1. It's too bad this guy is so destructive. He's kind of beautiful for an insect. I guess that shows you have to watch out for the good looking ones. :-)

  2. I posted a pick of this critter a week or so ago, but I much prefer yours! Great detail. HATE the bug, though. Have you tried the traps?