Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fighting Eagles

Fighting Eagles, originally uploaded by ElementaryTechTeacher.

I'm deviating from the rules today, I did not take this picture. My husband just returned from a trip to Davenport, Iowa to visit his family. While he was there he went down to the Mississippi River to check out the eagles. The first day the pictures show the eagles from afar and although nice not impressive shots. The second day someone told him that as long as he got out of the car the eagles would never come close but if he stayed in the car they would come in closer. So my husband pulled the van under a tree. opened the sunroof, waited patiently and was rewarded with some spectacular shots. This particular shot was part of a sequence of pictures. There was a dominant male that sat on the same branch of the same tree for three days. He would let some females and smaller males sit in the tree as well but he would run others off. One time when he returned to the tree another eagle was sitting in his spot. The dominant male dove in at him and the smaller one ducked. The larger one turned and came at him again. This time the smaller one made a smart decision and took off.

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  1. This is just such an awesome photo - I hope your husband pursues selling it to a magazine!! It is truly exquisite!