Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quilt Piece

Quilt Piece, originally uploaded by ElementaryTechTeacher.

I inherited this lovely well loved crazy quilt from my Aunt Bettie. I display it in my bedroom on an old quilt rack. So, it's something I see everyday but it wasn't until I went to take a picture of it today that I really took the time to notice the details. Details such as the different types of fabrics and their textures, the different colors of thread used and all the different types of stitches. Some stitches use two different colors. It makes me wish I knew the story behind it. Who put it together, how long did it take and what were the stories told as they work, and what are the stories behind each piece of fabric. I have to make sure I ask my mom and sister if they know any details and then I need to write them down so I don't forget and can hand the story and quilt down to my children some day.


  1. Beautiful quilt. Quilts have so many stories.

  2. Quilts are such a good lead for storytelling and history! I hope you can get more information about this one - it is incredibly interesting, so I'd imagine it has a great story behind it!