Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Meal

Winter Meal, originally uploaded by ElementaryTechTeacher.

It's another cold night in NY and I decided to make a favorite winter meal, beef stew. I was going to make it in the crock pot this morning but I didn't have beef broth so it had to wait until I got home. When my daughter came home from the gym I had to warn her it would be a late dinner tonight.She surprised me and kept me company most of the time it was cooking. We had a good banter going on whether we'll have a snow day or not tomorrow. She has midterms and finals so would like to get them over with but on the the other hand having until next Monday to study some more would be ok too. I told her I could feel that it's going to be a snow day and I'm not making her lunch. We're both looking forward to the morning to see who's right and gets to rub it in. When my husband got home he also sat down and joined our conversation. This meal was also special because the wine I used in the stew and for drinking with the meal was from our trip along Route 66 last summer. What a pleasant evening it was.


  1. One of those rare family moments to treasure.

  2. Thanks for the story behind the photo. Food brings people together in special ways. Glad you had such a good evening.

  3. Sounds wonderfully relaxing. Who was right?!