Thursday, January 15, 2009

Preparing for the Cold

With temps below zero we decided we better prepare for bringing in the beer! (Normally it's kept in the garage.) I guess this might count as something we collect-weird beers. This is a different type of collection since it's one that changes frequently. Last summer my husband picked me up in San Antonio at the NECC conference and we drove back to NY. It took several weeks and all along the way we were on the look out for new beer and wine. Other people might collect t-shirts, key chains and such on their travels but not us we collect beer. By the time we got home we had the back of the van packed with both beer and wine. Recently we discovered a store called Beer of the Worlds in Rochester, NY. I made the first trip in November and my husband made a trip in early January. Both trips succeeded in expanding our collection. When friends come to visit they know they'll be in for a treat and have many choices when it comes to a beer selection. Cheers!

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