Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Moon

Winter Moon, originally uploaded by ElementaryTechTeacher.

Before my daughter left for a hockey game tonight she asked what I was doing for my picture of the day. I responded I didn't know yet. A few minutes after she left I received a text suggesting a picture of the moon. I had been chilled all day so the thought of going outside wasn't too inviting but decided to go ahead and give it a try. This was my first shot but I didn't think it would be very good so I went in and got the bigger lens and tried some more shots with different settings. In the end the first was my favorite. I like how you can see the snow covered trees.


  1. Beautiful!. I tried something similar the other night but I just couldn't get it to work so will try again another time. I agree with you - the snow is lovely and reflective in the shot. It feels very magical.

  2. I too saw the moon through the window and opened it up to try and get a shot (my cats were not amused at -14C). My shots didn't work that well - yours is lovely - the moon and its glow on the tree.