Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kira's Hat

Kira's Hat, originally uploaded by ElementaryTechTeacher.

One of my all time favorite pictures is of my son and daughter walking hand in hand along the beach in Seaside, OR. It's just the two of them in the picture and it's shot from behind-late in the day. They were age 5 and 9 at the time. In the picture my daughter was wearing this hat. That was a magical trip.I hang onto this hat because it brings back such special memories. It was our first to Seaside to visit my brother. My parents were there along with all my siblings to celebrate our parent's 50th anniversary. Kira was 5 and had never met my brother. When we arrived at his house she literally jumped out of the car and into his arms! And this is a child that was/is someone who is quiet and shy until she gets to know someone. We were all surprised but delighted at her behavior. She stuck to his side as often as she could on that visit. That special bond stuck despite the fact we don't see my brother near often enough. It was not a huge surprise when just before her 14th birthday she boarded a plane alone and flew to OR to spend the summer with my brother and to work in his restaurant. Our son had gone out a month earlier to do the same. She loved being with my brother and working in his restaurant and returned again by herself last summer. It was a wonderful experience for her and helped her to become the lovely young independent woman that she is. Unfortunately she won't be returning this summer. The first reason is that she is traveling to Europe with the People to People program. The second reason is due to the tough economic times people aren't visiting the beach town like they once did and business is way down. My brother tried to sell the restaurant for about a year or so with no luck. This fall he finally had to close the door and just walk away. I feel bad for the community. They lost a great little restaurant with delicious, healthy, homemade food and a friendly host. I feel even worse for my brother having to walk away from a job he enjoyed and being unable to find another job. I hope someday soon he will find another job that is less stressful but is one that he enjoys. Sometimes it's hard to understand why bad things happen to someone as hard working and nice as my brother.

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  1. Love your story! I can see why you've kept the hat (nice photo of it!).