Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seussical the Musical

Tonight my daughter's high school performed their second of four performances of Seussical the Musical. The school performs a musical every two years. And each year I am amazed by the talent of these young people. Their voices are beautiful, the sets are great and the pit orchestra does an amazing job as well. When the news is filled with worries and you hear reports of gangs and youth in trouble, seeing a performance like this lifts your spirits and gives you hope.

The young lady in the middle of this picture is the Sour Kangaroo and a friend of my daughters.
I forgot to bring a camera but just happened to have my new Flip Video in my coat pocket so I was able to capture a picture.

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  1. I love Dr Seuss - he's one of my earliest reading memories. I'm glad you were able to catch this shot.